Stiff and Sore

If you’ve been sitting for a while getting up from your chair can be an exercise in pain and stiffness.

Cool trick

There’s a really cool trick to getting out of chairs when your back is sore

Getting up badly

Normally we get out of chairs by leaning our torso forward to prise our backside off the seat. You keep moving forward until your centre of gravity is over your feet, then you straighten up by using the poor, sore, strained muscles in your low back. They protest with pain and stiffness.  It can take a few seconds or steps to settle down. Very annoying.

Getting up well

The way you stop that from happening is by keeping your pelvis and spine properly aligned. Slide right to the front of the chair. Have your feet underneath you and slide off the edge of the chair while you keep your torso upright. All of the lifting comes from your legs. Voila! You’re on your feet and it didn’t hurt.