Basic Principles – Stretch out or Seize up

4 BASIC PRINCIPLES OF SELF HELP for Chronic and Recurring Muscle, Joint and Back Pain Flexibility, Alignment, Suppleness and Strength. These 4 principles are the foundation of virtually all I do and say as an osteopath. They apply to everybody. Everybody.

Less and More

Using these 4 principles you will be able to eliminate or reduce and better manage your pain. Simple as that. Less pain, more mobility, better sleep, a much nicer life.


You may well find that once you have gotten appropriate help, stretching and exercising will be an excellent way to improve and maintain your results.

Using not knowing

If you don’t put them into practice, they will not work so please, please, please put in the time and effort to apply them and you will be amply rewarded. All you need to do is stretch for a few minutes, a few times a day, and exercise a few times a week.


If applying these basic principles and doing some stretches does not make a difference to your chronic pain levels and debility then you really need professional help. Bummer that it didn’t help but great! now you know what to do next. Get help. Go see an osteopath.

Always remember this It always applies

  1. Your joints need to be as flexible as possible
  2. Your bones need to be properly aligned and
  3. Your muscles need to be supple, balanced and strong


  1. Keep your joints flexible by moving them through their full range.
  2. Keep your bones aligned by keeping your joints flexible and your muscles supple and strong.
  3. Keep your muscles supple and balanced by stretching them frequently.
  4. Keep them strong by exerting them often with plenty of exercise.