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The acute injury acronym is R.I.C.E. Rest Ice Compression Elevation. I generally reserve this for limb injuries. Rest is pretty obvious. Take it easy for a few hours or days after a trauma. Give that part of your body a chance to deal with damage or strain. Keep moving If you have bad or severe […]


Ageing is fraught with many problems and dangers, diminishment and decline, but there are many things you can do to slow, minimize and for some, even reverse their effects. 2 of the best Stretching and exercising are 2 of the very best of them. Older means faster Our brains aren’t fully developed until we are about 23 years […]


Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the 2 most common types of arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease process where the bodies own immune system attacks the joints. It is extremely painful, requires a blood test for diagnosis and needs specialist treatment. Osteoarthritis is by far the most common type of arthritis. Osteo means bone, arth means […]


DRIVING For many people driving can be a real pain. Car seats often force your body into a poor posture and that is going to cause you pain. The longer you drive, the more it hurts. Because your feet are more in front of you than below you, your knees are too high, your pelvis rolls back […]


THE GOLDEN RULE OF FALLING OVER SAFELY IS GET YOUR CHIN ON YOUR CHEST. Falling over safely with momentum This golden rule applies when you’re falling with momentum, such as downstairs, or a hill, off a ladder or a roof, or off a something moving like a bicycle, motorcycle, horse, skateboard, or being dumped in the surf. […]


Unsung Hero Fascia (pronounced fashia) is one of the great unsung heroes of our bodies ability to function, especially to move. Everywhere Fascia covers, connects and separates just about everything under your skin. If you could magically pull all of your fascia out, intact, you would have a perfect 3D model of your entire body. Every muscle, bone, organ, blood […]


Bone fractures occur from time to time in many peoples lives. They are more common in the young – more adventurous and reckless, and the old – less stable, weaker bones. Osteoporosis is a thinning of bone density. It occurs in post menopausal women and older men and makes them more susceptible to fractures. Clean A clean break […]


Stiff and Sore If you’ve been sitting for a while getting up from your chair can be an exercise in pain and stiffness. Cool trick There’s a really cool trick to getting out of chairs when your back is sore Getting up badly Normally we get out of chairs by leaning our torso forward to […]


General stretching and exercising will help improve your balance. Every bit counts, but there’s something else you can do. Practice standing on alternate feet. Stand next to something solid you can hold onto, keep your knee a little bit bent and lift the other foot off the floor. Ready let go When you get your balance slowly […]


Kidney stones are the classic example of reflex organ pain. Kidney stones hurt. They hurt beyond belief. If you’ve had them you know what I mean. This is not a common complaint, but when it happens it is staggering. If you have sudden severe and unrelenting or recurring with no apparent reason back pain, it may be kidney stones. […]


Osteoporosis is a loss of bone density and strength. ‘Thinning of the bones’. It usually occurs in older age, especially in women. After menopause they are at much greater risk. The older you get, the more likely it is to occur. Bones that are thinner and weaker are more likely to break. Osteoporosis shows up on X rays […]


Osteopathy is a system of manual medicine developed in the late 1800s in the United States by Dr Andrew Taylor Still. Musculo-skeletal System Osteopaths are most interested in the musculo-skeletal system and how it effects our health, our mobility our pain and therefore our quality of life. When it comes to the actual treatment, no two osteopaths treat exactly the same […]


ANTIINFLAMMATORIES Antiinflammatories and other pain killers may be needed to effectively manage your pain. By all means use them but be mindful that they can have ‘side effects’. Inflammation  is a response by your body to trauma, impact or strain, infection, or a foreign body – that is something in you that is not you.   It […]


Not sitting properly in chairs is truly one of the hazards of the modern age. Especially if you have back pain. Bad design Most of the chairs we sit in are badly designed. Really badly. They’re designed for how they look, not how they work. The only consistent exception to this rule is the modern […]


Postural decline occurs as we get older. As we get age our muscles get weaker and find it harder to resist the inexorable pull of gravity. Tight abdominal muscles, years of sitting and a stiffening spine amplify the effect. Most of what we do is just in front of us, from shoulder height to waist line. The spine […]


Stiff and Sore If you’ve been sitting for a while getting up from your chair can be an exercise in pain and stiffness. Cool trick There’s a really cool trick to getting out of chairs when your back is sore. Getting up badly Normally we get out of chairs by leaning our torso forward to […]


Our similarities far, far outweigh our differences. We function according to the same set of rules that have always been there for us. Friction, gravity, joint mobility, muscle action, apply to all of us and exert their influence on us in equal measure. All of us. All the time. We react to most of what […]