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You can help Yourself
Back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica, knee, hip or other joint pain or stiffness are bad news but you can help yourself get relief if you know what to do.


This site explains what causes and contributes to joint or back pain and how you can get effective relief from chronic or recurring joint and back pain.


If you have chronic or recurring muscle, joint or back pain I can help you

Understand and eliminate or reduce and better manage your pain. 




This information is EASY to understand, EASY to apply and IT WORKS


Hello, I am Dr Bruce Sutton. My specialty is treating acute, chronic and recurring joint and back pain.

I treat with a variety of hands on, manipulative techniques, and I teach my patients how to help

themselves with a few basic principles and a handful of stretches.


Damage and Strain

There are 2 main things that cause or contribute to chronic and recurring muscle, joint and back pain.

They are Damage and Strain.



In my experience strain causes or contributes to the vast majority of chronic and recurring musculo-skeletal pain. The chances are that strain is causing or contributing to your pain. That means you have a really good chance of helping yourself with what you learn on this site.


Strain is generally caused by trauma (small or large, new or old) and poor postural habits.


These 2 elements conspire to give us


Stiff joints, misaligned bones and tight or weak muscles.



The 4 Basic Principles of Managing Joint and Back Pain are  


  Flexibility Alignment Suppleness and Strength 



If you understand and consistently do something about these 4 basic principles you will be better off than you are right now. You'll have less pain, more mobility and therefore a better quality of life.


It really is that simple for most people. And so is applying the solution.




4 Basic Principles

If you have chronic or recurring muscle, joint or back pain

you need to keep

 your joints as flexible as possible

your bones properly aligned

 your muscles supple and strong



Best Advice

That's the best general advice I can give you from what I've learned in 22 years of private practice.

If you take it and apply it there is an extremely good chance that you will be able to eliminate or reduce and better manage your muscle, joint and back pain and debility.


The rest of the site and the downloadable video fill in the blanks and explain how things work, what causes the pain and exactly what you can do about it. 



Despite our differences we are all almost exactly the same. The bio-mechanics of our bodies and the mechanical forces working on them are the same for all of us. Always have been, always will be. 


It's this sameness that allows me to give you meaningful advice without having met you.  


The Big Picture

Despite the complexity of our bodies, the underlying principles that keep our muscles bones and joints working properly are simple and shared by us all.


If you know what those principles are, you can use them to better manage your problems. That gives you an excellent chance of reducing your pain, improving your mobility and health and so have a better quality of life.



That's what this is all about, your Quality of Life


Flexibility Alignment Suppleness and Strength

These are the biomechanical elixir of youth.


Absolutely Guaranteed

If you maintain the flexibility of your joints, the alignment of your bones and the suppleness and strength of your muscles, it will make a huge difference to how well you age and therefore your future quality of life. Your whole future. Absolutely guaranteed.


The older you get the more important this becomes.


4 Basic Principles

These are the 4 basic principles I use as the foundation of all the treatment and advice that I give my patients. They are the crux of the matter for the majority of people with chronic and recurring muscle joint and back pain.


Learn them, use them and start reducing and controlling your pain.

Flexibility, Alignment, Suppleness, Strength.


Check it out

If you have chronic or recurring muscle joint or back pain, you need to have it checked out by a medical professional to rule out serious problems.


This is your ability to move, your quality of life we’re talking about so don’t keep putting it off.

Once you have ruled out serious or potentially serious problems, you are ready to start helping yourself. 


Stretching and exercising

Stretching and exercising are two of the best ways for you to help yourself eliminate or reduce

and better manage your pain.



Exercise is virtually anything that raises your heart rate, your respiratory rate and a sweat. Walking is the most basic exercise. You just have to stand up and start walking, at a brisk pace.


But don't just stop there, There are plenty of different ways to exercise. Whatever makes you fitter, stronger and more supple will usually be really good for your muscle, joint or back pain. Always start slow, light and easy and build up your flexibility, stamina and strength.



For stretching, the 2 most important things are knowing what stretches to do and how to do them properly. You need to learn how to get the most out of stretching. No one really figures it out for themselves.


Ask your osteopath, doctor, masseur, chiropractor, physio, trainer, teacher or instructor what stretches would be good for you and how to do them properly. If they don't know, find someone who does.


Video Download

I have put together a Video of the stretches that my patients have found most beneficial in eliminating or reducing and far better managing their chronic and recurring joint and back pain. They are the handful I use over and over and over, year in, year out, because they are so effective



  These stretches are easy to learn, quick and simple to do, and they work really, really well.



There are stretches for feet, calves, knees, hips, pelvis, lower, middle and upper backs, shoulders, elbows, forearms and neck. If you want to eliminate or reduce and better manage your pain and debility in any of these areas, these stretches are an excellent, proven way to go about it.  


In depth

There is also a 28 minute in depth discussion of what you most need to know about your body and your pain. It explains why you have pain, what's causing it and what you can do about it.



Check out the Video of my Stretching Exercises here


Look around and learn

So have a look around the site and if you don't learn something interesting and useful, I will be amazed.


If you've got any questions about anything at all, feel free to drop me an email.


I really hope this information helps you to help yourself,



Bruce Sutton D.O.